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We are breeders of yellow, chocolate and black English Labrador Retrievers with Champion Pedigrees. We purchased our 1st Lab in 1977 when our children were small. “Spot” gave us 14 wonderful years. We never forgot his mild temperament, loyalty and desire to constantly follow us around. We started breeding in 1984 with only 2 dogs. We soon realized the wonderful impact these puppies were making on families. We bred many years before entering into the AKC and International Show Ring. I love going to the shows, but breeding is my passion. I had desired to become an OB nurse, but chose not to take the time out of raising my family. Naturally, birthing puppies was a great 2nd option for me.

We provide our Labradors with all the genetic testing available to ensure the most genetically sound puppy possible; ruling out hip, eye, or heart problems. The parents are OFA, OFEL, CERF, HEART, & OPTIGEN Certified. A number of PureLab offspring have become service dogs, handicap, drug search, K-9 Good Citizen, (therapy dogs) and show.

Our puppies are sold with LIMITED registration which means you choose not to breed your dog. Let us know up front if you want to purchase a dog for breeding. We also offer a 1 year health guarantee contract.

By the time our puppies are ready to go home with you, they have had their dew claws removed, 2 wormings’, 1st shots and vet’s health certificate. We do not microchip at this early age, our veterinarians recommend beyond 8 weeks up to 16 weeks is acceptable.

Our puppies are raised inside our home, but taken outside to play in their sandbox and run in the grass. They need to hear outside noises, like mowers, cars, and the like so that they are acclimated to an outdoor environment They are constantly handled for mental and physical stimulation.

We are frequently asked,” What do you feed your Labradors?” Without hesitation, we say, “Purina Pro Plan”.
Over the years, we have tried every premium dog food on the market, (Iams, Nutro, Science Diet, Carnation’s Custom Blend, etc.) and have determined that Purina Pro Plan is the best overall for our dogs, especially regarding coat and allergy issues. We supplement their diets with fish, (jack mackerel) knuckle bones for clean teeth, sweet potatoes, baked chicken, and an occasional raw liver treat for our pregnant females (for the added iron). We have thoroughly researched the “raw food only” nutritional regiments and have determined this is not in our animals’ best interest. Others may disagree; that is OK.  If you feel the jury is still out regarding this issue, please consult your personal veterinarian.

We send home a puppy package including books, collar, bowl, toys, leash, bag of Pro Plan Puppy Food, picture albums of Sire & Dam, and family records of health clearances. We make every effort to match each puppy with its new owner, taking each person’s needs and desires in mind. We want our puppies to spend their entire lifetime with 1 owner. We prefer your puppy stay indoors a majority of the time. We also prefer a fenced yard. We will gladly answer all questions regarding crate training.

Puppies WILL take a lot of love, time, and expense. If after reviewing our web-site you wish to purchase, or desire to make additional inquiries, please call. E-mails are OK, but are not as personal, so let’s get acquainted!

We take nonrefundable deposits which will guarantee your place in line for 1st 2nd 3rd pick, male or female. Often, puppies in each litter are sold before they are born. A forfeited deposit will be applied to another litter for up to 24 months. Call us if you wish to be placed on our waiting list for current and future litters or have if you have additional questions.


National Labrador Retriever Club
Central Florida Labrador Retriever Club
American Kennel Club
International All Breed Canine Association, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in PureLab Kennels.

Carol & David Gaskins

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